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Sep. 4th, 2011



Honey scones!

Having whole wheat flour on hand (thanks to the last scone recipe I tried) I finally got around to trying this Honey Scone recipe.

I honestly can't remember where this recipe came from.  It's on a half sheet of paper that was printed out of a dot matrix printer.   OLD SCHOOL!

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These were very good!  Nice texture - a mix of flaky and cakey.  The wheat flour made them seem healthy.  :)   I want to try this one again, but with some orange zest / orange juice and perhaps orange blossom honey. 

Sep. 3rd, 2011



Big investment. Mediocre return.

My newspaper ran a recipe with the headline "Maple-Oatmeal scones light, soft with a slight crunch." in May.  So I clipped it & saved it.  It called for the exotic (read: not cheap) ingredients whole-wheat flour and pure maple syrup.  Not having those ingredients on hand, this recipesat in my pile for months, just calling my name.  The article promised these Ina Garten mystical Barefoot Contessa scones will be my favorite scones -

But they weren't.

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This made a massive amount of scones.  I had three bannocks.  Luckily, my neighbor had visitors over to help eat them.

They were acceptable. Not flaky, but more of a cake/muffin texture.  They were not bad, but I was expecting so much more.   The 1/2 cup of syrup within the scone was undetectable.  Without the maple glaze, there would have been no maple flavoring.  And garnishing with the oats?  They did not look pretty. 

Will not be repeating this one.

Aug. 26th, 2011



Oatmeal Raisin Scones

Stumbling around in the kitchen at 5 in the morning doesn't really work for me.  But since I had promised baked goods for my family, and finding no dried cranberries, I tried this recipe.

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They were very good.  I didn't use a food processor, and was thinking the liquid in the recipe needed to be a bit more.  Perhaps up the milk to 3/4 c.

This was my first egg wash on scones.  Strange - egg washes usually have a bit of milk in them, but this was a plain egg.  Egg wash made for harder clean up than naked scones, but it was a nice texture added.

Usually scones disappear before they get old, but one managed to last in my desk until the afternoon, when it mellowed into an oatmeal raisin cookie treat!

Jan. 20th, 2007



Yeasty Bread

Originally uploaded by VMaloy.
This was my first try at making honest to god bread. It began as a little bubbly goo of yeast that I added flour, water, and too much salt to. I let it sit for most of the day, then it went in the oven. The first loaf came out edible, so the second was bedecked with olive oil & rosemary. It looks very pretty, and I'll find out how it tastes tomorrow.

Jan. 14th, 2007



Apple-Oatmeal Scones

Today's scones were pretty good. It was a new recipe from www.mrbreakfast.com. I lost my old oatmeal scone recipe *sob!* so was on the hunt for a replacement.

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They turned out pretty well. Molasses and brown sugar were quite sweet, but not overly so. I'd try this recipe again, and maybe add dried cranberries instead of (or in addition to) the raisins. Just because everything is better with ninjas. I mean cranberries.


LAN Scones

This recipe came from a friend from library school. It bakes a light fluffy scone, in a mass quantity.
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The first batch of scones came out of the oven PERFECT! The second batch got a little burnt because I was distracted by morning conversation. I scraped off the bottom, and they all disappeared in an instant.